Tips to Write A Cover letter for An Internship With Sample

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It is possible you want to apply for an internship position but don’t know how to go about it. You probably have been looking for a way to go about writing your cover letter for an internship application.

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Does it look simple right? But, what do you put down? What does the company actually expect to see in your cover letter or application letter that will make you the ideal candidate?

Well, I will do my best to analyze it for you here but let’s check out few things about internship program itself.

What is An Internship

An internship is an opportunity provided by organizations for a short period of time for students who intend to specialize in the profession to gather practical experience. It could be a paid internship but more are none paying internship. Organizations in medical line often pay a token to students on an internship program. But, don’t get your hope so high that is an opportunity to raise money during a holiday, but rather focus on what you really need to get out of that period.

An important thing internship is meant to achieve is for you as a student to have firsthand practical experience of what you have been taught in the classroom. Most universities and polytechnics, especially in African countries, engage more in theories with practical being left in oblivion.  To cover off for this, your weeks of internship will help you gather experience which could be matched with what you are being taught when you get back to the classroom.

In Nigeria, the period of internship is approved for students in technologically based courses as well as science based. This is being funded by the federal government. This period is a four months compulsory internship program which is usually referred to as Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES). Polytechnic students also make use of one year Industrial Training to gather experience before proceeding for another two years diploma program to complete their Higher National Diploma program.

Why do companies ask for an internship?

Many companies today do ask for internship year in year out. In recent times, especially due to the economic downturn, many prefer students on an internship to cut cost. As the interns are learning, they are in turn made to do some jobs that could be hired out for certain staff.

Many companies also receive interns so as to train them and later employ best among them as a graduate employee. Research has shown that many companies later employer at least 20% of those who come for an internship program in their companies.

More often than not, in Nigeria, it is the multinationals that engage in formal internship programs. In that case, there are always principles they follow which will help the students to learn. Also, hospitals especially teaching hospitals accept interns whom they teach in practical terms.

What are you expected to do as an intern?

As an intern who has been accepted, the organization expects that you cooperate with the staff and learn as much as you can even as you contribute your quota towards the organization’s goal.

Many interns, as a result of their struggles in school, look for companies that will pay them so as to go back to school with something to survive. But, you have to look beyond now so as to acquire what will make you stand out in your chosen profession in the future.

How to write a cover letter for an internship position?

As an applicant, you need to understand first and foremost that you are writing a formal letter and it requires your address. To be followed by the date you are writing the letter.

Then, your addressee should follow. As much as I am an advocate of writing the name of the direct person whom you want it directed to, if the company request that the letter be addressed to a particular office, don’t hesitate to follow the procedure. However, if it is an unadvertised internship position, ensure you carry out your research on the company vividly to know the right person to address it to.

Your fist paragraph should reflect why you want to be a part of that team. Ensure you make the company see the reason why you can actually gather experience from their team. It will be better if you can state one or two of their past activities or successes which make you love to be part of the company.

At the next paragraph, share your area of strength which could help the company see you as a fast learner with the ability to be a professional soon.  When you write your cover letter for internship with no experience, your ability to convince your prospective employer is what will make you the chosen candidate. Remember, you have other competitors eyeing that position. Your internship application might not necessarily talk about your experience since it is expected that you have no experience as a student, but ensure you include your extracurricular activities.

The concluding paragraph should state your confidence that you will add value to the company within the period you will be taken as an intern.

1. Sample of Cover letter for an internship

22, Taylor Huge Avenue
Omokanye Estate
Imo State.
14th September, 2017.

The HR Manager
Arikson International
Yaba Street
Kwara State.

Dear Madam,


It is my strong desire to undergo my four months internship program with your amiable organization. I have watched keenly your organization’s efforts and successes in drug production and research for a long time now. When I heard your production of Artenat (an Antiretroviral Drug), I was excited that efforts are being geared towards bringing a lasting solution to diseases in this industry. Your research into the production of vaccine for malaria is one major research I have loved and will want to be under the tutelage of think-tank in that research as I contribute my own personal discoveries so far with the team.


I am a student of Pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State. My passion for research in chemical and drug administration as a solution to health challenges for man drew me to choose this course. My resilient ingenuity made me the representative of the student wing of the department at the 2015 and 2016 annual conventions of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria. I am inquisitive, a goal getter and always ready to learn.


I am confident I will be contacted to undergo my four month internship with your amiable organization and I will add value to the organization. Thank you for taken time to go through my letter.



Yours faithfully,

Your signature

Mamoud Sisian


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