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Well to be honest, examination is the most dreadful thing, one has to deal with. Even the brightest of the students have to face the stress of exams.

Examination Fright

Examination Fright | Most student in school wastes the whole semester hanging out with friends, going to parties and participating in all extra-curricular activities. As soon the semester comes to an end, they get panic attacks and start taking loads of stress.


Here are some tips to guide you on how to stay sane when examinations are near:

Have faith in your capabilities:

It is ok if you haven’t learnt a word and wasted all your semester enjoying life. You can still do a lot before exams actually take place. You know you are capable of passing it, so be calm and believe in the idea that you can do this.

Nobody is perfect:

Grades don’t define the intellectuality of someone. So don’t try to be perfect and just try to take things slow. If you haven’t scored any position, it is absolutely fine. Only aim to do your best.

Understand your problems:

If you are facing any problems in any particular subject, then don’t wait for the final exams to sort it out. Ask your teacher for help as soon as possible. It is not a good idea to keep the problems saved for the last minute. Plan group studies or hire a tutor.

Take breaks:

Do not stress out yourself by studying nonstop. Take some study breaks so that you can relax your mind.

Get in an exam mode:

If you are off from university or college, then you must get your mind in an exam mode again. Keep reminding yourself that you have exams coming up. Avoid any unnecessary activities and don’t waste your whole time sleeping.

Plan the study hours:

You have to now work systematically and plan your study hours. In those hours just completely concentrate on your studies and nothing else.

Get complete information:

You must note each and every detail of your exam. Learn when and on which date you have your exams. Also note down the grading criteria that your teacher will mark you on.

Try to be a morning person:

This time is crucial and you have to manage timings not only for studies but for all other activities. Try to get 7 to 8 hours of healthy sleep at night and wake up early in the morning with a fresh mind so that you can focus in the morning rather than late in the night, when your mind is converting to sleep mode.

Take proper time out for revisions:

Revisions are a must in order to make sure that you remember everything that you have already learnt. Try finish off studying only day or two before the exam and then serve the remaining time in revising your course.

Appear fresh for the exam:

Then finally it arrives: The Exam Day! Try to hold back your fears and look yourself in the mirror and say you can do this. Go to you exam room with this positive attitude.


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